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COFWA, "Circle of Friends With Arachnoiditis" Support Group neither endorses, represents, nor recommends any person, procedure, or product addressed in any information sent in any email messages, links provided or information mailed through regular mail service.

Only your personal physician can prescribe the proper treatments and/or medications for your disease, problem or condition. We try diligently to provided the most up-to-date information. However, there may be additional information which better meets your current needs. COFWA cannot and will not diagnosis those who contact us for information. Only a physician can diagnosis and treat anyone's disease, disorder, problems or symptoms.

The information available on all pages of this web site, and any links provided are not intended to replace medical advice provided by a trained medical professional. Nor, is any information intended to apply to all sufferers of arachnoiditis. All sufferers may have arachnoiditis. But, not every sufferer's disease follows the same progression. Each individual's disease process is unique to them. Specific information regarding your medical condition should only be obtained through your physician. Never try to diagnosis or treat yourself or others.

Before engaging in physical exercise or other procedures, please consult your physician for permission or instructions.

COFWA is not responsible for the email activity which takes place on Yahoo! Groups Listserv. You are responsible for contacting Yahoo! Groups to change your subscription options. Contact Yahoo! Groups or send the appropriate command to Yahoo! Groups to receive the type of email you desire. Or, to be removed from Yahoo! Groups service. COFWA will do everything in it's power to assist you, but your subscription to Yahoo! Groups is your sole responsibility

COFWA is not responsible in any way for the information or the contents of the email from its members. COFWA is also not responsible for any medical and treatment information provided by one of its members to another member. Nor, is it responsible for individual member's opinions.


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Circle of Friends With Arachnoiditis" (COFWA), "Arachniac's", Arachnoiditis Support and Information Association (ASIA), Arachniac's Pen Pals (APP) and/or, any information, including email address, the Membership Roster names, the Arachniac's Journal, maintained on this site, are copyrighted. Use of group and service names, Roster or information without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

Last Updated:12 June, 2007