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Dr. Sarah Andreae-Jones Smith, a sufferer of Arachnoiditis herself has become a world wide crusader of Arachnoiditis awareness.  Her profound knowledge and devotion on the subject has gained her recognition as an expert by many respected Doctors, organizations and support groups throughout the world.

We are delighted to have "Dr. Sarah" as COFWA's Patron and convey our "Thanks" for her contribution to our website, "Adhesive Arachnoiditis" , and the "International Patient Survey" as well as her continued Arachnoiditis awareness crusade of this un-relenting disease.

Dr. Sarah Andreae-Jones Smith, MB BS
Patron of COFWA
The Arachnoiditis Support Group, Knowsley (UK), ASAMS, New Zealand

Age: 38
Status: married with 3 children
  Retired but working with the charity, The Arachnoiditis Trust and other groups.
  Resident in North-west UK.
  Fax number +44 (0) 1204 497090
e-mail address:
1981 voluntary nursing assistant in a registered nursing home
1981-1986 training at the London Hospital Medical College (now known as the Royal London)
1983-84 In 1983-1984, as a medical student, I participated in gastrointestinal research.(with the Wellcome Foundation)
My electives were in Obstetrics, Radiology and Accident and Emergency (1985/6)
qualified MB BS;  GMC Registration number 3165869*   
Began houseman posts: first in general surgery: 6 months at Chelmsford Hospital (Essex)then 6 months in Ipswich (Suffolk) : 3 months general medicine, followed by 3 months endocrinology and haematology.
Locum SHO post in Neurology at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge August 1987

SHO Accident and Emergency, Chelmsford (5 months)
SHO Psychogeriatrics Goodmayes Hospital, London 4 months
SHO Acute Psychiatry 9 months St. Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin

Some of the earlier details may be available in the 1986-7 Medical Directory (my number was 5015345 under my maiden name Sarah Alexandra Andreae-Jones; address at that time 266 Mile End Road Stepney Green, London E1 4LJ )
* registration was changed to retired list in 1990 when retired through ill-health.

I married and had 3 children  and hoped to return to work but my health continued to decline, my back problem deteriorated to the point where I had to undergo emergency for severe congenital stenosis and also prolapsed L5 and S1 in 1995.

I have continued to have considerable health problems since then.

I became a patron of the UK charity, the Arachnoiditis Trust in early 1998, and have worked as the principle member of their medical working party since.I also joined the US based online group, COFWA at around the same time and have had daily contact with many arachnoiditis sufferers since then. I also work with the New Zealand-based group ASAMS and some of my articles have been published in their newsletter.
I have given talks to the Trust at 3 Arachnoiditis Trust AGMs, as well as to a more local sub-group. I have also spoken at a conference of the Environmental Assistance in London("Toxic Aspects of Arachnoiditis") and the British Chiropractic Association in October 1999.("The role of the chiropracter in recognising the arachnoiditis syndrome")
I have published articles on Arachnoiditis(various, long, short, handbook for GPs,summary, article for alternative health magazine In Balance: last one entitled "Spiders in Your Spine?"), Stenosis, Central Pain, Headaches in Arachnoiditis.My 1999 survey on arachnoiditis published on the Internet by Dr.Charles Burton, of the Institute of Low Back and Neck Care, Minnesota, an expert neurosurgeon who has wide clinical experience of treating patients with arachnoiditis.I have also run a small survey of treatments being used for various conditions that cause chronic pain this year and the results have been passed on to the groups who participated.

Articles I write tend to be overviews of topics presented to aid sufferers of arachnoiditis and their doctors in their understanding of this complex condition. As a rule, I restrict my personal opinion to comments that are clearly indicated as purely my own view.

I have also given radio interviews in UK( for You and Yours Radio 4) and Australia.

I liaise at times with other doctors who may be neurologists, GPs or pain specialists, both in UK and abroad.Any of their opinions or information is always clearly denoted and referenced if I use it with their permission in publications.

I regularly contact members of the UK government concerning issues to do with arachnoiditis.(e.g memorandum to the Health Select Committee re: Adverse Clinical Incidents June 1999; meeting with Department of Health April 2000)

I receive mail from around the world every day and do what little I can to pass on balanced information and support. I do not, however, ever offer individual advice as this would be highly unethical.I always strive to make this point entirely clear to those I write to.

As regards my personal experience as a patient: I have suffered chronic pain for 20 years, since my mid-teens.I feel that this is of great help in furthering my understanding of the suffering of others in chronic pain and this can hopefully impact positively on any help I may offer.
Recent articles include "The Scourge of Unrelieved Chronic Pain" and a series on various palliative treatments including narcotics and adjunctive medication.



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