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COFWA Mission
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  1. To foster an atmosphere of Caring, Friendship, Education, and Advocacy for the Support of those individuals, their families, friends and care givers living and coping with chronic intractable pain as a result of Arachnoiditis, it's progression as well as the myriad of ill consequence associated with Adhesive Arachnoiditis and related complications.
  1. To promote an Arachnoiditis awareness campaign with the public, governmental and medical communities focusing on these subsequent vital Arachnoiditis issues:
  1. Acknowledge Arachnoiditis for the miserable disease it is and treat Arachnoiditis patients accordingly.  i.e.: Arachnoiditis patients suffer from relentless chronic pain.  Experts claim quality of life equals or surpasses those who suffer from terminal cancer. The major difference being terminal cancer is just that, terminal. Arachnoiditis is not.
  1. Recognize research for a cure is mandatory, as is the continued advancement of successful pain management techniques, remedies and medications to make those who are suffering as comfortable as possible until achievement of a cure can be realized.
  1. Acknowledge and halt ALL medical procedures which cause or contribute to the progression of Adhesive Arachnoiditis. 


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